7 thoughts i think asian people must have

Here are 7 thoughts I think asian people must have in their day to day lives.  I’ll take an official poll once I’m fluent.

1. Oh this elevator/subway/bathroom stall can fit one more person. 

Train crowded

No.  It can’t.


2. Here is a great place to blow my snot rocket all over the sidewalk where people walk. 


This and the sound of hocking loogies creates quite the musical experience when I walk around Beijing.


3.  She doesn’t speak chinese so she will have no idea we are talking about her. 

Subway Lick Neck Friends

Did you just smell me?


4. Surely no one will mind if I cough on them. 

cough touch

I did not bring enough hand sanitizer.


5. What a nice squat toilet.  Let me pee everywhere except in the hole. 

kid peeing house mom

You don’t know true terror until your foot slips from urine on the ground while squatting.


6. God, I know my tummy looks good in this rolled up tshirt crop top.


pretty girl wink

I want to be on that.


7.  Stupid white girl doesn’t know how to say anything besides hello, thank you, beer, and cheers!

Oops Drunk Older Woman

I’m working on it!!!!




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