8 thoughts on my future boyfriend

Today went as unusual as all my days in Beijing are.

I walked into the office to refill my water bottle and I was stopped by one of our sales representatives and the school principal.  The principal (Eason) doesn’t speak english very well, so the sales girl spoke to me and the following conversation happened.

Sales Girl: Melissa, I have a secret question to ask you.

Me: Uhh, okay.

Sales Girl: (in front of whole room) Do you have a boyfriend?

Me: (laughing awkwardly) Haha, no.

Sales Girl: Well Eason has a Chinese boy he wants to introduce you to.

I tried to laugh it off and slink away while pretending to not hear them when they asked for my WeChat to give him.

The following are all the thoughts that went through my head in that moment.


1.  Am I still drunk, or did they really just say that?



2. No, no this isn’t happening.



3. What’sssss going onnnnn?



4. What do I do with my hands?



5. What if he is the man of my dreams?



6. Haha, yeah right.



7. Must get out of here…



8. No habla english.  K. Bye.




Also, I’m officially moved into my apartment.




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