6 thoughts i had during my first chinese lesson

our school provides free chinese lessons and i had my first one last friday.  considering both my french teachers hated me (my mom can attest), i feel a need to pronounce every letter in a word, and i generally suck at languages, i had a feeling this wasn’t going to go well.  here are the 6 thoughts that smogged up my brain during the lesson.


1. Teacher: What things do you already know?

Melissa: Uhhh.  Hello, thank you, cheers, and beer.


I have managed for nearly two months with those words and pointing.  I want that, point.  What is this, point.  How much is this, point.


2. Teacher: You probably know what this word means.

You are vastly overestimating my abilities.




3. What do you mean Q doesn’t make the same sound as it does in english?!


Oh god, and there are MORE letters like that?!


4. I really need to learn my numbers.


Currently all I know is 1 and 3.  Mostly because I ordered three beers once.  Thankfully, china has hand signals for numbers so I use that.


5. Teacher: You guys are picking this up so much faster than my other students.


Yay! Oh wait, you weren’t looking at me when you said that.


6. (end of two hour session) Why am I not fluent yet?!


Ugh god, I might stick with pointing.


Oh, I went to a drag show last night and will be flying to Oktoberfest and Istanbul on Monday.


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