5 Stages of Grief when Dealing with a VPN

VPN equals internet life when it comes to living in China.  People often ask what is the hardest part of living in China. Without a doubt, it is not being able to use google or google maps easily.  Have you tried looking things up on bing?  It’s awful.  Have you tried using apple maps walking directions? I get directions to the airport.  …But maybe China is just trying to send me a message.

Lately China has gotten extra communist and has managed to make many VPNs unusable.  Here are the five stages of grief when dealing with a VPN that won’t connect.

1.  Denial

NOO denial gif

At first you are like, ‘Oh no, it must be my internet that isn’t allowing my VPN to connect.’  Then when you try for the 100th time, you begin to realize China has taken hold.

2.  Anger

brush waving angry

You resist the urge to throw your computer across the room, burn chopsticks, plot to end the existence of pandas.

3. Bargaining

baby beg gif

You plead with the China gods (Supreme Leader Mao), promise to clone ended pandas, swear you won’t get on instagram or snapchat as much if you can just connect to the VPN one more time.

4. Depression

depression gif

Insert any Sylvia Plath poem.

(But she is probably blocked by the Chinese government)

5. Acceptance

panda hug

So begins the full 1984 effect.  I settle on loving China and hating instagram, facebook, and snapchat.  Too bad I still suck at chopsticks.

Sorry I have sucked at blog posts.  I promise to write more.



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