9 Things Justin Would Want

We had an awesome trip to Thailand.  We saw beautiful places, did amazing things, and drank a lot of buckets.  By far the question I have gotten the most is, “Who the hell is Justin and what does he want?”  This article will probably leave you with more questions than answers, but don’t worry, #justinwouldwantthis

So here are the 9 things Justin would want:

1.  To get a flower in all of his drinks


It just makes them taste so much sweeter.

2.  For us to stop counting feminine things he says

IMG_2097 IMG_2103

Justin spent A LOT of time with 3 girls, so maybe it’s understandable that he would start saying girly things.  But here are some examples:

a.  “What do you think of Ralph?  I feel like we are really hitting it off.”

b.  “I’ll have a strawberry daiquiri.”

c.  “I’ll have a white sangria.”

d.  “I’ll have a white wine.”

e.  “Where did Blair (a dude) go? How can I bring up that I fought someone to him?”

f.  “I have the softest skin ever.”

3.  For everyone in the world to see him dance


Spoiler Alert: he only has one move.  Can you imagine?

4.  For Rebecca to start using more sunscreen


Then maybe she would have the softest skin ever.

5.  For everyone to think of him as a fighter

IMG_2017 IMG_2023

Justin volunteered to do a free muay thai fight for a free bucket and won.  I know this seems very manly and tough, but right before the match he shouted across the ring “Hey, we are still going to be friends after this right?” #fighter4lyfe

6.  For his bags to make it to Oklahoma from Saudi


They got lost along the way.  But I’m sure the baggage handlers thought, Oklahoma and Saudi are basically the same place.

7.  To know what George is doing here


That George is EVERYWHERE.

8.  For everyone to see that mountain


Melissa: “Oh, look mountains.”

Rachel: “Those are really pretty mountains.”

Rebecca: “Is there an echo?”

Justin (serious): “Do you see those mountains?”

9.  To know where the real Khao San road is

bangkok buckets

Thaaaatttt is actually my fault and I don’t blame him for wanting to know this.

But in all seriousness, we had an amazing time and Justin was the perfect dude addition.  Not totally sorry this post is filled with inside jokes, but I promise that the next post will have less.  Once I think of it.


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