Because, China.

i’m going to start a new blog tradition called ‘Because, China’.  basically i’m going to write short anecdotes of things i have experienced, witnessed, and gagged over from time to time.  it’ll probably be mindless babbling, but i personally think that is my best form of writing.


1.  Last night we got McDonalds DELIVERED to our party.  

lakers bro sun glasses happy


The McDonalds VIP sticker was on a car outside my work. The gif is from online.


2.  My friend Brett had a child vomit in his class this week.  He had to tell another child to back away from the vomit.  


I personally would have let him make snow angels in it.


3.  I actually don’t think strippers invented crotchless pants/panties, the chinese must have.


There are so many kids with that portion of their bottoms missing.  We’ve all seen penises we weren’t supposed to see, right?


4.  I had one of my chinese teachers place her arm next to mine and say, “You are so pale!”


“But it’s a compliment!”


5.  I drunkenly gave a boy my number for a free shot.  He called the next day, but I didn’t recognize the number.  When I answered, all he said was “Texxxassssss”.


I promptly hung up.


6.  Before a party, I stopped by a convenience store to buy beer.  Apparently 7 40 oz bottles is more than the average person buys here. 


So of course the owner asked for a photo with me and the beer.


Oktoberfest in 3 weeks, life is good.


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